Safety has been a struggle for construction companies since time immemorial. Construction work is hard on the body with a high risk for injuries. Nationally, the construction industry accounts for 4% of the workforce and 21% of workplace fatalities. This ranks construction as the leading industry in
worker fatalities. As members of the Western New York construction community for the past 43 years, Oneida takes these statistics seriously and is constantly working to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

Oneida strives to foster a culture of safety. This culture can only be achieved by every person committing to safety all day every day. This commitment must be made by everyone: the President, office staff, managers, foremen, and laborers. Only when safety becomes an open discussion and top priority for all will we be able to accomplish our goal. The addition of in-house Safety Director, Maggie Saia, enables Oneida to keep safety at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

At Oneida we believe that:

Safety is the lock, and YOU are the key!

We hope that you will join us in our mission to unlock safety for all employees.


In 2018, Oneida is placing special emphasis on the importance of Near Miss Reporting. Oneida defines a Near Miss as any deviation from a safety process. To help encourage and increase communication on a daily basis, we want our employees “sweating the small stuff”. Near misses are not always the big dramatic moments that people often think of. They are also the smaller moments that leave something uncorrected or are the beginning of a bad habit. Most accidents had warning signs, and Oneida is always working at noticing and fixing the little things to help prevent the bigger accidents from occurring.

If you would like to report a Near Miss, please follow the link below:

Oneida Key